Lent Roundtable

Resources we Discussed:

Lectionary Preaching:

  1. Vanderbilt Lectionary texts
  2. UMC Lectionary Series
  3. Worshiping with Children Lectionary Series

Series Preaching:

  1. UMC Rehab Series
  2. Melissa's Series: Embrace Delight, Embrace One Another, Embrace Creativity, Embrace the Mystery, Embrace Rest, Embrace the Struggle

    • "I wanted life and I wanted the abundant life. I wanted it for others too." ~Dorothy Day

  3. Eric's Series: John 14:6

    1. Walking the Third Way of Non-Violence

    2. Telling the Truth and Exposing the Lie of Redemptive Violence

    3. Living Life Fully, Not Eternally

    4. Living Through the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Other Lent Resources:

  1. A Sanctified Art
  2. SALT Project
  3. "Incarnation" by Joy Cowley from Psalms for the Road

Evangelism Resources:

  1. SALT Project
  2. Jonathan Chapman and Westfield Cong. Church