1. Litany for Mothers' Day. By Robb, this litany attempts to reflect the various emotions that this special day stirs.

  2. Mothers' Day Resources by the United Methodist General Board of Discipleship includes hymns, liturgies, and articles about Mothers' Day and the Festival of the Christian Home.

  3. Some People See the Weeds, a Mother's Day reflection by Robb

  4. An Open Letter to Pastors (a non-Mom speaks about Mothers' Day)

  5. What Would They Think? a question about the historic roots about Mother's Day as a peace movement, and what it has become.

  6. Yo Momma jokes, but not what you're thinking (just for fun)

  7. Mothers' Day Political Action. Led by the Healthy Families, Healthy Planet project, this action plan calls upon Congress to stand up on behalf of mothers every where.

  8. Mothers' Day Worship Resource by the Healthy Families, Healthy Planet project makes important connections between the Biblical story and the importance of International Maternal Health and Family Planning.

  9. 10 Ideas for Pastors on Mothers' Day.