Ep. 23: martha, Martha, MARTHA! or Proper 11C / Ordinary 16C / Pentecost +9


For Sunday, July 21st
Proper 11C / Ordinary 16C / Pentecost +9

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SHOW NOTES -  7/21/2013
Episode 23 - Proper 11C / Ordinary 16C / Pentecost +9
Luke 10:38-42
Amos 8:1-12

Opening: Mary and Martha's Baking Song

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Newsflash! Robb outlives Jesus and Mozart by 3 years...
  • Lion and Lamb Festival Aug 31 and Sept 1 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Primary Scripture -– Luke 10:38-42 - Mary and Martha

  • Being in the moment - focusing on God in our midst above duty and routine
    • The issue is not between the contemplative listener and the dutiful activist
    • Breaking down social barriers to do what is needed.  Women were not allowed to sit at the feet of teachers, but Martha does because that is what was needed at that moment.
    • It is about doing what is needed in the moment
      • sometimes we need to listen - Mary
      • sometimes we need to act - Good Samaritan
      • “Activism without contemplation ends in aimless "doing" that usually aggravates existing difficulties...On the other hand, only the unthinking could fail to recognize the myriad ways in which thought—including very serious biblical, theological, and other scholarship—regularly serves the duplicitous purposes of those who, their rhetoric notwithstanding, simply do not wish to ‘get involved.’” - Douglas John Hall - Feasting on the Word: Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary - Feasting on the Word – Year C, Volume 3: Pentecost and Season After Pentecost 1 (Propers 3-16).
  • “Preach the Gospel at all times—if necessary use words.” - St. Francis of Assisi
    • Do we focus on good programs or “preaching the Gospel”
    • “A church that has been led to be "worried and distracted by many things" (v. 41) inevitably will be a community that dwells in the shallows of frantic potlucks, anxious stewardship campaigns, and events designed simply to perpetuate the institution. Decisions will be made in meetings without a hint of God's reign. Food and drink will appear at table without Christ being recognized in the breaking of bread. Social issues may be addressed, but the gospel is missed in acts that partake of politics as usual.” - Cynthia A Jarvis, Feasting on the Word: Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary - Feasting on the Word – Year C, Volume 3: Pentecost and Season After Pentecost 1 (Propers 3-16).
  • Faith is not about being the perfect host- which Martha is - it is about being open to relationship
    • Hospitality is more than invitation into the house- it is invitation into the soul
    • A willingness to listen and be changed by that relationship
  • Rachel Held Evans - This passage is used to pit women against each other, as if there is a choice that needs to be made.
    • “If we censure Martha too harshly, she may abandon serving altogether, and if we commend Mary too profusely, she may sit there forever.  There is a time to go and do; there is a time to listen and reflect.  Knowing which and when is a matter of spiritual discernment.” (Craddock, Interpretation Series) 

Secondary scripture -Amos 8:1-12- God’s Judgement against Israel - economic justice

  • Religion Focus
    • Ritual vs. routine
    • Routines are inconvenient - not working or buying on the Sabbath, paying more for fair trade coffee, etc.
    • Rituals are Spirit-filling - Sabbath as an opportunity to reconnect with community and God, fair trade coffee as a way to be in relationship
    • Are we more concerned with keeping the routines or strengthening the rituals?
    • Faith is not about crossing t’s and dotting i’s (not about temple songs and right sacrifice) it is about relationship!!!!
  • God’s judgment
    • the worst thing- like the death of an only child, unimaginable grief and pain
    • Not fire and brimstone - but the removal of God’s Word
  • Hunger and thirst for the Word of God
    • Do we take the Word of God for granted?
      • We do when things are going well (like they were during this time of Israel)
      • We become consumed by our own busy-ness and neglect listening to God’s word (like Martha)
    • Does injustice deafen us to the Word of God?
      • “In this dense series of condemnations, Amos's vision names and takes away the things in which a corrupt society seeks refuge from justice—a ripe harvest, its identity as a people, the stability of earth, religious worship, the rhythms of the sun, and even covenantal assurance that God can be sought out when the consequences of social wrong loom on the horizon. These are all good things, indeed gifts from God; but the prophet must show that they all serve God's justice. Disconnected from the patterns of neighborly justice, these good things no longer speak of the people's blessing but of their sure collapse.” Willis Jenkins- Feasting on the Word: Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary - Feasting on the Word – Year C, Volume 3: Pentecost and Season After Pentecost 1 (Propers 3-16).
  • July 4th Connection (William Willimon)
    • We declare independence, but we delude ourselves
    • As Christians our faith relies on our dependence on God
    • We often discuss “moral decay”, but Amos is not concerned about sexuality, personal relationships or family values, but economic morality
      • God is more concerned with moral economic policies, like taxes and social welfare than with signing the right hymns.
      • Is God more concerned with the poor than with maintaining denominational structures?
      • Spending tens of thousands of $$ for church gatherings?
      • Big Churches or more shelters?

A Christmas Song, Jethro Tull

TY: listeners, 
Opening music, Dick Dale and the Deltones, “Misirlou”
Closing music,Paul and Storm, “Oh No”

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