Ep. 11: Resurrected from sickness...or Easter 5C

Intro Music - Sweet Caroline sung at Yankee Stadium

                      Still Eastertide! Keep the resurrection alive

Primary scripture – John 13:31

2 parts: 1) Glorifying Jesus and 2) Love Commandment

          1)      Glorifying Jesus

                a.       Happened, happening, will happen

                b.      Now, but not yet eschatology

          2)      Love Commandment

                a.       About loving, not judging, not destroying

Secondary Scripture –Revelation 21:1-6

          1)      The new vision and new earth- for everyone – connect to Acts

          2)      Making all things new

                a.       Now about destroying the earth, about transforming the earth

                              i.      Creation theology, stewardship, eco-theology

                b.      Happening now- not just a future event

Secondary Scripture –Acts 11:1-18

          1)      Universality – God is constantly expanding out view of what is clean and unclean, who is in and who is out

          2)      NOT AGAINST JEWS! 

          3)      Not resolved – expands the conversation

                a.       Not easy then, not easy now to tackle the difficult questions

                b.      But entering into the conversation, not shutting it down

Excellent resource on Revelation -  Rapture Exposed: The Message of Hope in the Book of Revelation by Barbara Rossing

Closing - Paul and Storm "Oh No"